New clients and prospects are always asking me if they can be in the “top ten” in Google for mainstream search results. Examples would be “[city] real estate”. “[city] real estate agents”, “[city] homes for sale” just to name a few. If you conduct these real estate searches you will find that big corporate will own 8 to 9 of the top-ten positions. If you see any independent real estate agents or brokerages in the top ten, they have likely had their domain registered for over 15 years with dynamic content and have been essentially grandfathered into that position. You will never knock them off of the top of the mountain unless you can compete with the time they have owned their domain and how long they have had dynamic content.

When we see an agent in the top 10 of Google for these real estate search terms, you can take two actions do verify if this is the case…

1) Do a whois search to see when they registered the domain. Generally speaking they could have registered their email as far back as 1996.

2) Look at the Wayback Machine to see when the domain had content.

There is a well known agent in Seattle that is at the top of the search engines for many real estate related search terms. The company that created his websites, which are cross linked, claims his success is because of their real estate website designs. They have nothing to do with the search results. He is at the top because he registered all of his domains in 1996.

I mention dynamic content. This would consist of an IDX feed and blogging. Google recognizes Variable content and gives extra brownie points against static real estate websites.

Please watch this video for specific examples.

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