Custom Real Estate Websites With IDX For Keller Williams Agents

Our custom real estate platform is ideal for Keller Williams Realtors, brokerages and teams that understand the importance of OWNING their own WordPress website, with content and marketing flexibility. There are not a lot of options as most real estate websites are either rented, provided by a brokerage, or tied to a marketing program like PPC.

Our Keller Williams websites include custom designs to match your branding, and give you the ability to add new content and plugins easily. Our custom real estate platform is not just about design however, in order to attract new clients you must have traffic, quality home search technology, a solid online reputation, and a CRM that integrates with all of it.

However, our sites do integrate with Keller Williams Command via Zapier.

Please see examples of websites we’ve designed for

Keller Williams agents and teams below

When you own your website you have the flexibility in this ever changing market to add new technologies, scripts, edit content, and perform advanced SEO to keep your website up to date, and to help you show up prominently in a Google search. With most other real estate website developers you do not have this flexibility. Many WordPress developers put you on a shared site network, which means you do not have full admin permissions or control of your website.

Many agents we see with specific brokerages have so many third party website providers, that they have 4 or 5 websites. You should only have one mother ship website for optimal SEO. Multiple websites for one agent can hurt your rankings on Google. It’s important to have all your content on one website, and to continue to add new content regularly.

When you rely on third party web providers, what happens to your online history when corporate chooses a new vendor? What do you do when you want to add plugins on your website but are told you can’t? Would you like to take control of your online branding?

The only way to provide a real estate platform like this was to develop our own technologies, software, and designs, to give our agents all the tools they need to be successful. We can also provide unique content for your Keller Williams website, and keep your blog fresh and relevant.

Our Custom Real Estate Platform Includes:

                      • Ownership and Control Of Your Website
                      • WordPress Platform
                      • Custom Listings Layout
                      • Lead Generation Software
                      • Maintenance & Upgrades
                      • IDX Integration
                      • Mobile Optimized
                      • Built-in ADA Compliance
                      • Lightning Fast Secure Hosting

*Ask about exclusive designs we can offer you in your market.

Disclaimer: Agent Reputation is an internet marketing company serving the real estate industry and has no relationship with Keller Williams, KW or KWRI.
We are not an approved Keller Williams Vendor nor endorsed by Keller Williams.