Many agents and brokerages have registered multiple domain names related to their local real estate market. And in fact, I have seen clients that have literally registered hundreds of domains with large annual renewal fees. Sometimes this is done to protect their branding or to keep really cool domain names they do not want their competitors to have. Some think they will get some kind of SEO out of it.

Many agents will redirect a neighborhood-specific domain to their home page or a landing page in their website thinking they will get the SEO out of the domain name. Two things. First, Google does not index redirected domains or acknowledge the content from the landing page to the redirected domain. Secondly, Google cares about content and not the domain name.

With that said, there is a useful redirection. Let’s say you have a domain for a specific neighborhood, community or farm. When marketing in these areas, if you want to look like an expert for that area, you can use those domain names on signage, postcards and other print media that will redirect to a landing page in your site for that community.

Of course you could have websites built for each of these community domains but that would get kind of pricey due to the build costs and IDX integration. We came up with a cost effective way to have websites for each of your other domains. We call this product Community Websites.

Here are two examples. The structure is the same on each website but with different content.

The sites are built in WordPress and you own them outright. Other then the widgets which are embedded within the site, all search results would come up in your primary website. Though we have produced this for our website clients, we will offer this to any IDX Broker client and will consider other IDX’s in the future if they have embeddable property widgets.

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