As an IDX Broker Developer Partner, our designers and developers are IDX Broker certified. We are able to custom program the IDX Broker code to a style that fits in with your design. In other words, we format IDX Broker for you and not you for IDX Broker. It’s important to display results, and to have a search function that will make people want to register on your site. This is an excellent way to convert traffic into leads!

As an IDX Broker Developer Partner, we provide custom IDX enhancements on new and existing WordPress real estate websites. In addition, in most cases, we FIX/Repair existing IDX Broker integration. Case in point. A current IDX Broker client hired a website developer that did not know how to correctly integrate IDX Broker. The site had over 30 errors from DNS settings, no sitemaps to elements of the site not being mobile friendly. No matter how great a website developer is, if they do not specialize in real estate websites, they won’t know IDX.

Another case in point is when a real estate agent DIY’s their WordPress website. Just because there is an IDX plugin available does not mean the IDX is going to be integrated correctly. Is the IDX a subdomain on your site or is the IDX a subdomain at IDX Broker? When somebody is on a search results page, does the page not match the styling of your website? Have you ever been on a website that has a specific styling and when you look at the search results they look embedded and do not match the styling of the website? Not with us.

If you are thinking about having a new website designed and want to integrate IDX Broker into the site, we can handle it all for you and by ordering the IDX through us, we waive the setup fee.

If you are having issues or at the very least would like us to review your IDX integration please click on the evaluation link below.

IDX BrokerIDX Broker

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Sometimes we will pass on the opportunity to integrate IDX into your existing site due to a previous design or theme that is not quite compatible with our IDX structure which would be cost prohibitive for you. Sometimes we will suggest starting with a clean plate which is why we also build real estate websites.


To schedule a review of your existing website
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