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CJ's Corner

CJ’s Corner2020-07-06T19:26:03+00:00

Meet CJ Hays

CJ Hays is a Marketing Strategist. He has studied the psychology of the marketing conversion and has implemented many successful web-based marketing plans with positive consumer experiences. In the early 90’s he worked closely with AOL to direct content development for non-profits as AOL first started developing organizational landing pages (before actual websites were a reality).

CJ designed consumer marketing interactions for Motorola, Ford, National Geographic and a number of media outlets in addition to successful businesses he has founded.

CJ was part of a team that was on the forefront of bringing WordPress to real estate and is not only the marketing director of Agent Reputation but is the online marketing director for a number of successful real estate teams throughout North America.

CJ is known for his insights on blogging, video and staying steps ahead of the search engines in the real estate industry. As a speaker, he presents strategies quantified by statistics. Facts and not opinion. He teaches constancy and creativity vs inactivity and “the norm”.