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​​Here Are a Few Examples Of Real Estate Websites

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​Agent Reputation believes that one of the most important functions a real estate website must do, is convert traffic to leads. Our real estate websites are containers with conversion technology built in.

Real estate websites in and of themselves don’t generate real estate leads. Having good calls to action on your website generates leads, as long as the website is getting enough traffic. However, you must first start with a solid container (website) that will convert your traffic into leads.

Whether you are a single agent, team, or brokerage, we recommend the WordPress platform. WordPress makes it easy to manage and update your website once the build process is complete.

We provide customized WordPress websites specifically for the real estate industry. We add the latest technology, widgets, and plugins that have been developed for Realtors to help generate more leads to all of our themes.

WordPress is a very search engine friendly platform. Matt Cutts of Google says, “WordPress automatically solves a ton of SEO issues.” We add a number of plugins to all our designs to help you with your website rankings.

We have also extended our real estate website offerings to include single property websites, rental websites, and Brokerage websites with a unique child site for each agent in the brokerage.

If you are too busy to manage your website yourself, we can train one of your staff. Also available is our website management services which include, adding new listings, team members, content, maintenance, and other updates on the WordPress platform.

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19Oct 2021

Historical Content Retention(HCR) With Real Estate Websites You Own

By |Blogging, Real Estate Web Design, WordPress|

Many of you know my stand on website ownership vs renting your real estate website. It all boils down to owning your online assets and the SEO value of your Historical Content Retention(HCR). Blogging needs to be a real estate [...]

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