Agent reputation has done a great job helping my team develop and maintain a 5 star reputation in Las Vegas. I highly recommend them!

Craig Tann, BrokerCraig Tann Group – Huntington & Ellis – Las Vegas

The whole process has been very turnkey. Now all I have to do is tell a prospective client to Google Connie Carlson and they will see a whole page of sites with great reviews. That’s the Wow Factor I was looking for!
Connie Carlson, Team Leader/Associate Broker Connie Carlson Team
Agent reputation delivered on their promise to increase our online reputation and ratings on sites like Google & Yelp.

Chris Biaggi, President All Western Mortgage

Realtor Marketing Ideas

If you have been searching the internet trying to find new ways to generate leads, we have a few tips for you. The first thing you need to understand in today’s world of online marketing is that your most valuable asset is your reputation.

Whatever type of marketing you’re currently doing, people are going to Google you to see what other people are saying about you. Whether you’re spending dollars on leads, PPC, SEO, magazines, flyers, or radio, what people find when they search for you online can determine whether or not they will choose you or your competitors.

One of our best marketing tips for real estate agents is to build a 5 star online reputation. You must first start by providing excellent customer service for every client. You also need to have a system in place that allows you to capture feedback from every client. An effective strategy involves employing a system that features:

  • An easy way for current, past, and future clients to leave you feedback
  • A process that can address client’s issues before they can become a negative review
  • An easy and effective way to turn your feedback into reviews posted to trusted sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook
  • A monitoring system that continuously monitors the web for any new reviews that are posted about you

If you’re spending dollars on marketing, and you do not have an easy to access 5 star online reputation, you are not maximizing your marketing dollars.

Once you’ve gotten a good start at building your online reputation, the next key strategy you should consider is to buy a domain that should belong to you or your business. For example, if your name is John Smith, you should check to see if johnsmith.com is available. If it is not, try johnsmithrealestate.com, or johnsmithproperties.com, or other combinations of your name, or your business name. This will keep a domain that will help potential clients find you online, and out of the hands of someone that may use it in a way that will hurt your online reputation, or demand that you pay an outrageous high price to get it back.

The next move you may consider is buying your own website. If you are using your corporate/brokerage website platform, you usually don’t have much control over the types of content, scripts, tools, and other important factors that are necessary when it comes to getting your website ranked favorably on Google. Be sure to find someone that specializes specifically in real estate website design, because you want to make sure you’re converting your traffic into leads at a high ratio.

So to recap:

  1. Employ an effective strategy for building a 5 star online reputation
  2. Control a domain that will help potential clients find you
  3. Own your website so you will have complete control over content