About one week ago, realtors all over the country woke up to find that they were no longer showing up in Google’s search results for terms like “Real Estate Las Vegas NV”. Most real estate agencies that show up on page 1 of Google are showing up in the Google 7 pack or 3 pack.

However, about 1 week ago, the real estate 7 packs were gone! There has been no full explanation from Google at this time. They are calling this the “Pigeon Update” and it has been causing panic for many realtors all over the country.

Here is something you may not know… Try doing a search for “Real Estate Reviews Las Vegas NV”, or “Real Estate Agency Reviews Las Vegas NV”, or “Realtor Reviews Las Vegas NV”, or any other city. The real estate 7 packs are back! Or perhaps they never left.

Look At This Example Of Search Done After The Last Google Algorithm Update 7/24/2014

This example clearly shows that if you add the word “reviews” to most search terms having to do with real estate, the Google 7 or 3 pack is being displayed. What this tells me, and what we have been saying for a while now, is that your online reputation is your most important marketing tool. Google putting so much emphasis on the word “Reviews” goes to show you how important your online reviews are.

DUI Attorneys have also seen their 7 pack listings disappear when doing a search for “DUI Attorney Las Vegas NV” or any other city and state. Try the same thing by doing a search for “DUI Attorney Reviews Las Vegas NV” and you’ll see the Google 7 pack re-appear. It seems this new Google “Pigeon” update is focusing heavily on reviews, and how the 7 pack results are to be displayed.

Google, Amazon, Facebook, and other major sites and directories know that consumers are looking for reviews, no matter what product or service they’re considering. Real estate is no different; in fact, even more so when you consider that for most people their home is their biggest asset. Referrals have always been most realtors bread and butter, which is exactly what a review is. However, with an online review, you’re not the only one seeing the referral. The whole world is, which means more leads for you!

Realtors looking to compete in this market need to focus on their reputation first, before spending dollars on all other forms of marketing. If you’re spending marketing dollars on PPC, SEO, Flyers, Radio, or even if someone refers you, consumers are still going to Google you. What they find can determine whose phone rings first – yours or your competitors.

Written by: Sean McCrory

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