Agent Reputation is a company which is dedicated to empowering realtors to increase their listings and sales. They do this by providing clients with tools which enable them to generate more leads, listings and ultimately sales. The company recently announced a groundbreaking service for helping realtors to generate real estate leads by helping them build a 5 star reputation.

The service is designed to enable realtors to generate reviews from both present and past clients. Positive reviews posted the right websites can create a platform for marketing by enhancing a realtor’s online reputation, and thereby attracting potential clients to engage in their services. Agent Reputation provides realtors with innovative tools to generate and post reviews on popular sites like Google, Yahoo, Bing as well as social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

According to sources at Agent Reputation the innovative tools include custom postcards, business cards and email templates. These tools are specifically designed to help with generating positive reviews in a simple, straight-forward and hastle-free manner. The goal is to make it extremely easy for clients to provide feedback. As such, the company has created a very effective mechanism for generating customer reviews.

This mechanism is a custom online review portal which the company can build for any realtor. The portal enables a client to review the realtor’s site or services quickly and easily. Through the portal, a client can post a review in a matter of minutes, without a need to sign in or register. The realtor can send the client an email link to the portal. Alternatively, they can ask for an immediate review after closing a deal (e.g. by simply handing the client an iPad with the portal). The portal enables a realtor to generate more positive reviews. Given the fact that clients tend to read reviews before choosing a realtor, more positive reviews can help a realtor to generate lots of new real estate leads.

After generating the reviews, Agent Reputation has proprietary systems and processes to help your clients get their reviews posted on top websites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp, and many others. Agent Reputation also posts the reviews to social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Photobucket and Pinterest. The company also posts video testimonials to the realtor’s YouTube channel. It then creates a custom review page on the realtor’s website where it streams reviews from all over the internet. Posting reviews to these various platforms can greatly increase the amount of leads generated.

Agent Reputation provides an extensive online reputation monitoring and reporting system. Its advanced software continuously monitors the entire web for reviews and comments posted about the realtor. It then provides extensive reports detailing the number and nature of reviews, as well as the websites where they have been posted to. This provides a realtor with a feedback mechanism on which they can make informed decisions on how to improve their marketing strategy.

The best part about Agent Reputation’s service is that it is based on a solid understanding of the real estate industry. All the tools are designed to address the unique challenges faced by realtors both locally and internationally. They are also designed to exploit the unique opportunities currently available in the market. As such, they can provide a realtor with a real competitive edge in the industry. Therefore, any realtor who desires to be competitive in the real estate industry cannot afford to miss out on this unique opportunity.

Agent Reputation’s services helps realtors increase the ROI on all their marketing efforts by building and leveraging a 5 star online reputation for their clients. For more information including a free online demo, visit the company’s official website,



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