Your online reputation is made up by everything people are saying about you, or what they’re not saying. Potential listing or buying clients will determine who they will choose to represent them based on what they can find out about you online. You can control how you will appear and earn more clients by learning how to create a 5 star online rating for your business.

85% of consumers use the internet for research before making a decision. – Yelp

When you do a search online for your name, or company name, what do you find? When a listing client can’t find much information about you, where do you think they feel their listing will show up online? Both buyers and sellers want to see what other people are saying about you on sites they trust, like Google, Yelp, and Facebook.

The power to create a lead generating online reputation is literally at your fingertips. Treat every current and future client like a new potential 5 star review! Earn positive reviews from clients in order to show potential clients that you are the agent to trust.

Many of our clients tell us that by increasing their online reputation, they are generating 3-5 times the amount of leads from the dollars they’re spending on marketing. Clients have also told us that they have a higher conversion ratio of the leads they’re buying, because their reviews are so easy to find on trusted sites like Google.

Realtor Marketing Ideas

Own Your Website and Domain

If you are using your corporate/brokerage website platform, you generally don’t have much control over SEO, content, and other important factors when it comes to getting your website ranked favorably on Google. Even if you aren’t ready for your own real estate website design, you may consider purchasing domains that ought to belong to you or your business. This keeps them out of the hands of someone that may use it in a way that will hurt your online reputation, or demand that you pay an absurdly high price to get it back.

Earn Positive Reviews on Trusted Sites

One of the best marketing tips for real estate agents is building and marketing a 5 star online reputation. Start off with exceptional customer service, and have a system in place to allow you to capture feedback from every client. An effective reputation marketing strategy involves using a system that includes:

  • Gathering feedback from new, current, and past clients
  • A system to address client concerns before they become negative reviews
  • An easy way for clients to leave feedback
  • An easy way to get your feedback posted to trusted review websites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook
  • Continuous monitoring of client reviews that are posted about you online

Create and Manage Your Business Information Online

Surveys show that half of local searches are for business information such as address, phone, and hours. Search engines like Google pull this information from many sources across the internet, and most are from business listings. Some listings you may have created yourself, and some are created automatically by sites like Yelp, Merchant Circle, and more. It is very important for all your business listings to have consistent and accurate information. Inaccurate or missing information from your listings can be very damaging. Search engines can detect inconsistent information across your business listings, and search engines do not like to give inaccurate information. This can result in lower search results, rankings, and leads.

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Take Control of Your Online Reputation

When you take into consideration the amount of extra leads you can generate by having a superior presence and reputation than your nearest competitors online, building a 5 star reputation should be a number one priority!

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