A well-done SEO campaign can give you a huge edge over both your direct and indirect competitors, allowing your company to enjoy exponentially greater returns on investment. However, if you really want to make the most out of your SEO campaign and squeeze every single benefit out of it, it is imperative to know and apply three key factors prior to designing an SEO strategy.


1. Build Up A Strong Reputation Online

Before spending thousands of dollars on SEO to get your website in the top search results, you must have a 5 star online reputation in order to maximize your ROI. Otherwise, after you achieve page 1 results, you may realize that no one is willing to engage your services because you have a bad reputation, or no reputation at all. Potential clients are much more willing to list their property with you if you have a 4.5 or 5 star reputation. Most people completely ignore a business with less than a 4 star reputation.

2. Focus On The Right Keywords

Secondly, you need to build your SEO strategy around the right keywords for the real estate industry. If you choose to hire a professional SEO firm, make sure their keyword research is accurate. In other words, the keywords you want to rank are those used by potential clients who are looking for realtor reviews and a strong online reputation. Most realtors try to rank for “Real Estate City”, “City Real Estate”, or “Realtor City”. These are all good keywords to rank for, but if you’ve built a 5 star online reputation and someone searches “Best Realtor City”, or “Realtor Reviews City” and you show up on page 1 with the most positive reviews, who do you think they are likely to call first?

3. A Powerful Call to Action

The last thing you need to consider before launching a strong SEO campaign is choosing an irresistible offer using a strong call to action. You now have a 5 star reputation due to a strong reputation marketing strategy, and you have found the right keywords to rank you on the first pages of Google. There is only one thing left – convert traffic into leads! You might be surprised how often this important aspect is overlooked. Try to avoid this pitfall at any cost! Start designing a powerful call to action and find the right place on your website to incorporate it.

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