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Keller Williams Website Design Portfolio

Some of the real estate websites we have published for Keller Williams agents, teams and brokerages.

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We are all about Keller Williams Realtors, brokerages and teams OWNING their own WordPress websites. There are not a lot of options as most sites are either rented, provided by your brokerage or tied to a marketing program like PPC. Our sites are NOT on a shared site network which means you have full admin permissions unlike so many WordPress developers that make you think you have actual control over your site and in most cases that HAVE to provide the hosting. And like so many agents we see with specific brokerages, they have have so many third party website providers, they have 4 or five websites when they should only have one mother ship website.

When you rely on a third party web provider, what happens to your online history when corporate chooses a new vendor? What do you do when you want to place plugins on your website but are told you can’t because the sites are on a shared site system? Don’t get me wrong, this is the number-one brand we support, but as an agent, have you been 100% satisfied with some of the real estate website options they have provided you? Would you like to take control of your online branding?

The only way to provide a product like this was to form our own in-house website development unit staffed by the top WordPress developers and IDX integrators in the industry. The prices on the sites you see below range from $899 to $1900+ and you own the site. You can host it anywhere. Please see examples of websites we designed for Keller Williams agents and teams below.

What ever type of site you buy from us, you own it.

You can host it anywhere or we can host it for you.

The monthly fee before reputation services is $99 per month which includes the IDX** and maintenance. You can add the most awesome eMerge E mailing system for an additional $39 per month and/or the iMaxCRM for $39 per month and we can integrate with eEdge.

We do not lock you into an annual service contract. Our agreement is month to month with 30 days written notice.

If you currently own a WordPress site, we will review the design to see if we can simply upgrade it for you or integrate a better IDX solution. In fact it does not even have to be WordPress, providing you own the site.

Please click here to schedule a website review or demo

*Ask about exclusive designs we can offer you in your market. **Monthly fee may be higher if you have multiple agents or if your MLS charges an additional access fee. Disclaimer: Agent Reputation is an internet marketing company serving the real estate industry and has no relationship with Keller Williams, KW or KWRI. We are not an approved Keller Williams Vendor nor endorsed by Keller Williams.