There Is An Easier Way For Realtors To Door Knock

Traditional Door Knocking

realtor door knocking

Digital Door Knocking

Digital door knocking

Most Realtors know the benefits of door knocking. Door knocking is also one of the most dreaded prospecting activities.  Here are just a few reasons why door knocking for realtors can be so difficult:

  • You feel intrusive because you don’t like strangers knocking on your door
  • It doesn’t feel natural and doesn’t align with your personality
  • Door knocking someone’s private residence gives you anxiety
  • Hot or cold weather can make it difficult because of the temperature outside
  • Sometimes it can be difficult to get motivated
  • There can be dangers when knocking on a strangers door, even more so for women

Digital door knocking allows you to target your farm without leaving your office. Our digital door knocking campaigns allow you to target addresses on a specific street, a small community, an entire zip code, or an entire city. Here are a few benefits of using digital door knocking:

  • Custom target any group of addresses in your farm
  • Target FSBO’s
  • Targeted demographics (people looking to sell or buy)
  • Exposure to prospects about to end their current contract
  • Properties that have been on the market too long
  • Never need to leave your office
  • Marketing is on autopilot

Here’s How We Can Help You Get More Seller Leads

We design targeted banners for specific areas in your farm.

For example; You provide us with a list of addresses, or a zip code. We design an ad banner like the one seen below. Now every person that accesses the internet from that zip code, or small neighborhood will see your banner when they visit websites like Amazon, Zillow, ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, and thousands of other major websites.

Our Basic Digital Door Knocking Campaigns Include

Realtor Seller Leads
  • Up to 5 banner sets (10 different sized banners for each set, for a total of 50 banners!)
  • Custom banner designed for specific communities
  • Target up to 5 communities
  • Generate up to 50,000 impressions
  • Home valuation page creation
  • Campaign management
  • Analytics report

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