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Targeted Buyer Traffic

Target buyers from all over the country, or from specific regions. Our vast database also allows us to target renters, people who have recently applied for a home loan, and people who have expressed interest in buying a home.

Your banners can also be shown on real estate specific websites like Zillow, Redfin, and

Buyer traffic is sent to a “search for homes” landing page that we build for you. Our software also pixels their browser, so they will continue to see your banners all over the internet after they have left your website.

Target Homeowners, FSBO’s, & Expired Listings

We can target specific addresses with Digital Display Banners. This means that your ad will be seen by the home owner whenever they go online and visit websites like Amazon, ESPN, The Wall Street Journal, a 100,000’s of other websites.

Imagine a home owner with a FSBO seeing your ad every day for 3-4 days before you call!

Digital door knocking allows you to target your farm without leaving your home or office. Our digital door knocking campaigns allow you to target addresses on a specific street, a small community, an entire zip code, or an entire city.

Our Banner Ad Campaigns Include

Digital Door Knocking Real Estate Leads
  • 2 banner set (10 different sized banners for each set, for a total of 20 banners including mobile!)
  • Custom banner designed for specific communities
  • Specifically target just your seller farm
  • Generate up to 50,000 impressions
  • Home valuation page creation
  • Campaign management
  • Analytics report

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