Custom content created for your local market

Thank you for utilizing our content creation and content management services. The following list outlines the data you need to email us to fulfill our services.

You can either upload the video to your YouTube channel per the instructions below and we will optimize it or you can send us the video and will upload and optimize. Please use either Google Drive or DropBox to send us the video.

Please watch this video:

Includes feature tease video uploads, uploading virtual tours to your channel, full length productions and any videos you send us.

Please send us videos via DropBox, a Vimeo Link or Google Drive

Creating a transaction flow process wherein we edit all prior posts and videos from Coming Soon through Active and then Sold By to create a history on the property that will remain historically in the search engines.

We will create a Google Drive shared spreadsheet. We will add property information at the time we publish a coming soon blog post and/or feature tease video.

At the time the property closes. You will access spreadsheet, mark as sold, add sold price, sold date and note if the property sold for more than the asking price and/or if sold in a short period of time so we can brag about it.

In addition to the communities added to your website in the build, we will add two additional communities per month. New communities and even be small neighborhoods, gated communities etc. This will help with your SEO.

Please send us a list of future communities you want to add.

Just as soon as possible after your listing agreement has been signed, and before your listing goes into the MLS, please send us an e mail with the following:

  • Street address
  • At least one good image even if taken with your phone
  • Selling Price
  • Description
  • Proposed date of MLS upload

A property of notoriety is any listing in the MLS that is notable. Historical, architectural, unique, celebrity or may just a very cool property. By default, we will use maybe a very expensive property in your market but would prefer you send us ideas. Remember, we will be hyperlinking the street address to the IDX landing page on your site for that property.

When your listing goes live, find two more listings as close as possible to your listing. We will write a post taking about your listing and the other two with hyperlinks going to the IDX landing pages for those homes.

Please send us the following:

  • Address of your listing
  • Addresses of the two other listings
These are the recurring posts that will always show the current listing data for any given market. By default we choose communities in your market and usually go with “Most Expensive Luxury Homes”. However we would rather publish lists of homes within your marketing demographic.

Please provide the following:

  • A List of cities, towns, neighborhoods, gated communities, golf course communities, that will create top ten lists for.
  • Price range: Most expensive? Homes priced between X and X. Most affordable priced between X and X. Sometimes, based upon your MLS feed we can do newest or oldest
  • Type of properties: Single family, duplexes, high rise, townhomes, etc
By default we will be bringing in news headlines via RSS feeds however we are always looking for Hyper-local breaking news we can blog about. So if something is going down that we should write about please e mail us immediately.

To learn more about breaking news, please read this post.

Please reach out to CJ by email at to preset times and dates. Meeting can be one on one or for your entire office and will be conducted online via Join Me.