$400per month
  • No Long Term Commitment Month-to-Month
  • Curated Articles Posted To Your Blog & Social Network Every Week
  • All Articles Are a Minimum of 400 Words.
  • Quality Real Estate Articles All articles are written by our professional team of writers, with a combined total of 30 years experience in the real estate industry.
  • Articles Posted Automatically To Your Blog Every day we post a new relevant article to your blog and promote it across your social media network.
  • Articles With Relevant Topics Our writers create articles that are relevant for homeowners and home buyers such as, “Energy Savings Tips For Homeowners” and “Finding The Right Loan For You”.
  • Social Media Posting We post articles to your social media network daily including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Expand your presence on social media and stay Top Of Mind with potential clients by developing and cultivating your social media audience with daily interest posts that keep them engaged.


$650per month
  • No Long Term Commitment Month-to-Month
  • Unique And Optimized Articles Customized For Your Market Posted To Your Blog & Social Network Every Week
  • On Call For Your Coming Soon Posts.
  • Hyper-Local Content After the first 30 days we find, or you can submit local activities we can write about.
  • Machine Gun Blogging For the first 30 Days we are posting 4 times per week. This is a combination of IDX fed posts and News Feed posts that re-date themselves every 30-90 days.
  • Coming Soon Posts We are also posting your coming soon properties. Just as soon as you can BEFORE the listing goes into the MLS, send us the address, price, at least one photo and a description. We will do the rest to increase the odds YOU will actually show up for YOUR property address on page one of Google. When we receive coming soon data, that post will be in lieu of the IDX/News posts
  • Social Posting Post articles to your social network including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


$900per month
  • Coaching Sessions One 1 hour coaching session per month with CJ to go over online marketing strategies.
  • Youtube Channel Optimization including uploading your Feature Tease videos (prior to going into your MLS) and uploading virtual tours and full length featured tours.