Meet Our Team Leaders

Sean McCrory

Sean McCrory
President & Founder

Sean McCrory, Founder and President of Agent Reputation, has over 25 years of online marketing experience. Sean is also a licensed real estate agent in the state of Nevada. In 2015, Sean recognized a major shift in how people were researching and making decisions on how to choose a real estate agent. Recognizing that people were relying more and more on an agent’s online reputation, including reviews, website, and social media presence, Sean founded Agent Reputation.

CJ Hays

CJ Hays
Marketing Director

CJ Hays is a Marketing Strategist. He has studied the psychology of the marketing conversion and has implemented many successful web-based marketing plans with positive consumer experiences. In the early 90’s he worked closely with AOL to direct content development for non-profits as AOL first started developing organizational landing pages (before actual websites were a reality). CJ designed consumer marketing interactions for Motorola, Ford, National Geographic and a number of media outlets in addition to successful businesses he has founded. CJ was part of a team that was on the forefront of bringing WordPress to real estate and is not only the marketing director of Agent Reputation but is the online marketing director for a number of successful real estate teams throughout North America.

Kayla Griffin
Web Design & Development

First impressions are everything. For Kayla Griffin, our senior web developer, those first impressions come from the beautiful code she writes for your website. Providing websites for real estate agents since 2011, Kayla knows how your clients like to use your site and what makes it friendly. In 2015 Kayla brought her considerable skill and expertise to Agent Reputation. Knowing that while your clients will never see the back side of your website, her attention to detail, spectacular IDX integration, and precise code will make the front side both beautiful and functional. As you can tell, she puts the fun in functional.

Suzanne Hawkin

Suzanne Hawken
Marketing Partner

Suzanne has had an entrepreneurial spirit and a drive to succeed from a very early age. At age 11, Suzanne began working part time (in the 80’s, England did not have child labor laws) and by 17 she had finished high school and returned to her home back in Canada, solo. By the time she had turned 30, Suzanne had owned and sold several successful businesses, including an online marketing agency consisting of nine team members. In 2013, Suzanne was hired by, a national real estate listings website, and within six months was promoted to Director, where within two years, grew her team from just herself to ten. After six years of leading the social media marketing team, Suzanne is now back to running her own online marketing company, UpRight Avenue, LLC, specializing in social media and AI/chatbot strategies.