Last night we launched our new online marketing platform for the real estate industry which you can access from our homepage.

First and foremost, I have to thank Jim Marks, the former owner of Virtual Results, for hiring me as his marketing director in 2011. Though I had quite a bit of marketing experience under my belt, this was the start of my journey into the real estate industry. I became a “road scholar” traveling with Jim on all of his speaking engagements at Xplode, PNC Mortgage and Inman Events including the original Agent Reboot.

I was fortunate to learn from Jim and also from many of the real estate marketing influencers you all know today. So I have to give a shout out to:  Jay Thompson, Chris Smith, Matt Fagioli, Tom Ferry, Joe Sesso, Bob Stewart, Steve Pacinelli, Anu Kumar, Bodilyn Jolly, Molly McKinley, Dale Chumbley  and Eric Stegiman.

In 2014, Sean McCrory, the founder of Agent Reputation, saw the need to help real estate agents, teams and brokerages in obtaining and publishing positive reviews. Our Reputation Marketing system has been very successful with a 90+% retention rate over the past five years. Just over three years ago, clients asked us to find them a web design option. We found nothing that would meet their needs as we would recommend, so we opened our own shop.

We started out quietly. Not ringing our own bell too much with our sites. Never self promoting in the various social media groups.  We wanted to analyze statistics, consumer experience and conversion. As we developed we were getting referrals from some of the top coaching and marketing businesses in the industry. Our referral business was so large, we never had to spend a dime on advertising.

As we evolved through technologies we developed, marketing and technology companies approached us to integrate their products into our websites. So a huge shout out to IDX Broker, eMerge, IMAX CRM and Displet.

We build semi-custom real estate websites our clients own outright. All of our sites include an IDX, Reputation Marketing, a CRM, an  email marketing system and content marketing. We are offering an online marketing solution second to none in the real estate industry.

Please spend a few moments checking out our website.

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